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About Left Wing FC

LWFC is a group of progressive people, who come together every week to build community, athleticism, and a shared experience through the game of futbol. LWFC aims to create a safe space for people of all backgrounds, genders, skill levels, and generations to be a part of a team, take risks in order to improve, and pursue their love of the game. Founded on the tenants of social justice and self-determination, LWFC seeks to challenge imperialist paradigms on the pitch that are founded on the exploitative notion that success means winning at all costs.

As such, we strive for a style of play that reflects our vision by:

  • Encouraging the participation and leadership of those who have traditionally been marginalized within organized soccer in the U.S., including women, queer & trans* folks, and people of color
  • Creating democratic structures that allow people to feel a part of a collective process and have a say in decision-making.
  • Providing safe spaces for people to voice concerns and troubleshoot collectively when dynamics come up off and on the pitch LWFC promotes a culture of healthy competition and teamwork. 

Our success is defined by the extent to which players are learning and feel excited to return and grow. Since our levels range from absolute beginners to semi-pro players, we leverage the access people have to skills-sharing. Those with more experience are encouraged to be teachers and those with less are encouraged to learn new skills. We believe the ideals of cooperation will help all people to improve their game, regardless of skill level and experience. 

LWFC incorporates practices and structures that remind of us of our values such as:

  • Promoting the fundamentals of passing, being vocal on the field, and engaging and team play.
  • Giving positive affirmations when people take risks or make good plays
  • Beginning with a stretch circle that affirms our goals, builds people’s familiarity with one another, and allows newcomers to ask questions
  • Enforcing a half time where people can debrief play, revisit norms, and give constructive feedback
  • Running skill-building exercises and drills before each scrimmage
  • Giving opportunities to rotate responsibilities, such as sitting on different committees, sending email reminders, leading the stretches, running skills-building exercises, hosting team dinners, etc.

We believe that changing the way we play the beautiful game is a part of creating the beautiful world we want to see. Above all, LWFC is a place for healing, growing, and having fun.